The Azimut Benetti Group Research and Development Office recently took part in the European ‘Pain-it Project’, a new environmentally friendly manufacturing approach for marine antifouling coatings. The project represents a major international research effort, co-financed by the European Union through the LIFE Programme in the area of antifouling coatings for hulls, and reinforces the Group’s commitment to contributing towards a more sustainable yachting industry.

The project, supported by several leading industry stakeholders, including Azimut Benetti, Colorobbia Consulting and the Rome-based universities of Tor Vergata, has led to the development of several non-toxic antifouling coatings for marine applications.

“[The coatings] feature a high level of environmental sustainability, because no biocides harmful to aquatic species are released into the marine environment, unlike traditional antifouling coatings, which leach biocides based on the toxic action of copper compounds and other similar organic/metallic substances,” explains Azimut Benetti Group. “As well as eliminating biocides, these coatings also have significant environmental impact in terms of lower energy use, greenhouse gas generation and waste production, by reducing the need for hull maintenance, and of greatly reduced C02 emissions.”

The scope of this project, however, is not limited to the yachting industry. In addition to the marine sector, the formula tested can be used in civil engineering, in wastewater treatment plants and, more generally, in plants that use water system in various industrial production processes.

The Research and Development Office’s support for this projects forms part of a broader strategy adopted by the Azimut Benetti Group, which also concentrates on factors relating to the control of the supply chain, the application of technological solutions in terms of hull shape, propulsion systems and material choices, the study of yacht disposal processes and the sponsorship of various association with a mission to control and reduce the impact of the industry on the environment, including the Blue Marine Foundation and the Water Revolution Foundation.

It is incredibly positive that today so many superyacht enterprises are actively engaged in the development of the environmental agenda. Whether it is designers, shipyards, brokerage houses or various other industry stakeholders, so many factions are engaging in sustainable development to a hitherto unwitnessed degree. The work of Azimut Benetti herein described, is just another fantastic example of industry engagement – long may it continue.

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