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The Superyacht Group

One to One

Digital Dialogues

May 25 2021 10:30AM

A shot in the arm

Fraser’s Mark Duncan considers a rapidly changing brokerage market and whether or not the purple patch can last.

Apr 29 2021 12:00PM

A design for life

Justin Olesinski, principal of the eponymous studio, evaluates design in the context of a superyacht’s entire lifecycle

Apr 8 2021 2:00PM

Death of a Salesman

We chat with Patrick Coote from Northrop & Johnson to find out what is the future of the Yacht Broker?

Apr 8 2021 11:00AM

Come Fly With Me

Safeguard Helideck’s Chris Wood discusses the blurring of land and sea, as requests for aviation options grow aboard superyachts.

Apr 7 2021 2:30PM

Reducing Waste – How to Control Time, Money and Materials?

René Bremer from AkzoNobel discusses reducing waste and how to control time, money, and materials.

Mar 17 2021 2:40PM

The Human Factor - building the right people for the future!

Ken Hickling from Viking Maritime examines the importance of having the right people in the right jobs in the industry.

Mar 10 2021 10:10AM

State of Independence – an unbiased and objective perspective

Howard Lowe and Ivo Veldhuis from Mayfair Marine discuss a state of independence in the superyacht world.

Mar 5 2021 10:20AM

Banking on our Future

BNP Paribas' Olivier Blanchet discusses how the world of finance can shape and grow our superyacht industry.

Mar 3 2021 10:20AM

Managing Expectations - Problem or Solution?

Döhle Yachts Managing Director Richie Blake discusses managing expectations within the yachting industry.

Feb 23 2021 12:00PM

Joining the Dots

How to apply Lateral Thinking in Superyachts? James Roy, from Lateral Engineering, discusses joining the dots.

Feb 23 2021 9:00AM

A Class Act

Engel-Jan de Boer from Lloyd’s Register discusses, ‘a class act – what have we learned from the past?’

Feb 16 2021 2:00PM

(Re)fit for purpose

Rob Papworth, Operations Director at MB92 Group, discusses how the top tier of refit specialists are managing the burgeoning amount of complex refit and restoration work, and rapid market growth.

Dec 15 2020 2:30PM

The Emperor’s New Clothes

Owner’s rep and project consultant, Terry Allen questions whether the industry still fixated with bells and whistles to the detriment of a truly quality product?

Dec 11 2020 3:30PM

Doing the Wright Stuff

Is there a smarter way to manage our clients’ expectations in 2021 and beyond..? We discuss with AJ Anderson from the Wright Maritime Group

Dec 2 2020 2:00PM

Scratching the Surface

We take a Deep Dive into “How to really enjoy Superyachting?" with Patrick Lahey from Triton Submarines

Dec 1 2020 3:00PM

The Season Opener

Barrett Wright, President, Hill Robinson USA provides her insight into the state of the market as the Caribbean season begins in earnest.

Nov 20 2020 3:00PM

Talking ‘bout my generation

YachtCreators founder, Barin Cardenas on how the evolving expectations of clients are altering the landscape in which the market operates

Nov 17 2020 11:30AM

Out with the old, and in with the new

Both the profile of client and the landscape in which we operate are seeing seismic changes, but how is this really affecting market activity? Will Mathieson talks to Adam Ramlugon from Hannaford Turner LLP.

Nov 13 2020 4:30PM

The Political landscape of Superyachts

Hot on the heels of the US Election, it’s time to explore the potential impact on Superyachts.

Oct 27 2020 8:40AM

Challenges, Cancellations & Consequences

The Superyacht market has endured an incredibly unique year, but what have we learned from it?

Oct 26 2020 9:30AM

Are you not Entertained?

Being entertained at sea is not the same as being on land, but why, and can we change this?

Oct 21 2020 8:30AM

Brokerage for the Next Generation

Is there a smarter way to look after our clients' interests?

Sep 17 2020 3:00PM

The End of the Law Suit

World renowned, sartorially elegant, but now retired lawyer, John Leonida, shares his candid advice for the future.

Sep 11 2020 1:10PM

Time to Re-Think!

The Vripack Partners discuss the world of smarter design and naval architecture, answering the question “what can we do better ?“

Sep 4 2020 9:10AM

We Have Lift Off...

Digitally the World is shrinking, while the Oceans are expanding. Richard Klabbers of Sevenstar Yacht Transport discusses migration, exploring and vessel movements.

Aug 12 2020 2:40PM

How to use a Compass ?

In such a crowded landscape of tender manufacturers and suppliers, Richard Faulkner, of Compass Tenders discusses the future of this guest and owner focused supply chain and explores the decision making process.

Aug 6 2020 2:30PM

The ''New'' New Build

What can we do better in the new build process?

Jul 30 2020 5:00PM

Are you being served?

How does the service and maintenance sector in Pacific regions best cater for a growing volume of traffic?

Jul 24 2020 10:00AM

Driving The Industry Forward

How can we take the superyacht businesses to a whole new level?

Jul 22 2020 1:00PM

Delivering Better Value

What needs to change for a seamless owner and guest experience?

Jul 14 2020 11:00AM

The Most Taxing of Times

How can we give Owners the right advice when they really need it?

Jul 10 2020 4:00PM

The Underwriter’s Perspective

Is this our chance to rethink the industry, from a safety and liability perspective?

Jul 1 2020 11:00AM

One to One: Brendan O’Shannassy

Are we at the point of operational fatigue and potential failure of the system? Martin Redmayne and Brendan O'Shannassy discuss

Jun 18 2020 7:30PM

One to One: An Introduction

Martin Redmayne and Will Mathieson unveil an exciting new series of digital dialogues.


One to One

Digital Dialogues

May 25 2021 10:30AM

A shot in the arm

Fraser’s Mark Duncan considers a rapidly changing brokerage market and whether or not the purple patch can last.


A well constructed event that is both serious and informal, which lends itself well to networking and discussions that go beyond the superficial.

Kiran Haslam
Princess Yachts

3 days of 360 degree yachting industry overview.

Txema Rubio
MB92 group

Still the best event on the superyacht agenda

Marco Struik
Struik & Hamerslag

Contact our events team to find out more at events@thesuperyachtgroup.com