As the Mediterranean summer season rapidly approaches, The Crew Report issue 85 is out now and will be landing on superyachts and desks around the world.  The Crew Report is the only superyacht market publication dedicated to advising professional crew on pertinent issues that relate directly to job fulfilment and career progression. In this issue we highlight the industries top superyacht agents, as well as explore how captains should approach the thorny topic of maintenance budgets with owners, preparations for polar regions, the most effective forms of recruitment available today, crew severance packages, provisioning off the beaten track and much more.

Article insight: "Timing if of the essence"
“I always tell every captain and every crew member, do not, under any circumstances, discuss anything about maintenance problems, crew problems, salary problems, or anything on the business side of yacht, while the owner is on board,” explains veteran yacht broker Jim Eden. “You can discuss this with them any time when they’re not on the boat or at work, but the owners and guests are on board to have fun, so it’s the worst time to have these conversations.”

Eden explains that, when a captain is hired, or in the process of being hired, they should take that opportunity to openly discuss with the owner how best they would like to be approached with these issues. In so doing, the captain is able to “avoid standing on a land mine” in Eden’s words. Such discussions on board should on be entertained by the captain if the owner “invites the correspondence” … Click here to subscribe and read the full article.

Article insight: "Ice, Ice ready"
Although the majority of superyacht voyages remain in the hubs of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, long-distance cruising to remote locations is becoming more popular with owners and charter clients. Evidently, those who travel to the remote polar regions will encounter conditions very different from those in St Tropez or St Maarten, so in what tangible ways can crew prepare for visiting such climates?

“We will have a ore-polar meeting (PPM) where we go to the yacht and we meet with the captain, the chief engineer and the chief stewardess, and we talk through the planned expedition and we try to give them a sense of what is going to be required of them and what our roles are going to be,” explains Ben Lyons, CEO of EYOS Expeditions.

The PPM is not only an opportunity for the EYOS team to talk the crew through what to expect and prepare for, but also assess the yacht from a technical perspective, and this will dictate where the yacht can go and when… Click here to subscribe and read the full article.

 This issue also features expert commentary from leading superyacht figures, including designer Justin Olesinski, Antonella Della Pietra of BWA Yachting and Lars Lippuner, Warsash School of Maritime Science and Engineering.

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