The latest issue of The Superyacht Report reflects the fastest growing sector in the superyacht market: refit. This burgeoning area of the industry is continuously opening up a world of possibilities for the market and everyone from new builders to brokers, is getting excited about the refit market. As a result of this, we decided to delve deep into the subject and explore the real world of refit in The Superyacht Refit Report. Here is what to expect from the latest issue…

Shaking up the ‘Industrialist’ feature, wealth editor Rachel Rowney sits down with the refit sector’s key stakeholders to discuss the subject of worklists. Does there needs to be a change in the current processes used and how can all parties collaborate more efficiently? “There is indeed a problem, the analysis of which is simple and complex at the same time as it depends on a whole series of factors of a technical, managerial and commercial nature,” says Alberto Amico, chairman, Amico & Co.

We examine what it is that influences the choice of refit yard and what yachts are looking for when considering major refit works

The fleet section of the Report examines what it is that influences the choice of refit yard and what yachts are looking for when considering major refit works. Respondents to a survey by The Superyacht Intelligence Agency, were asked to comment on a range of topics, ranging from the planning and decision process to the scale and cost of the works completed. The results show a number of fascinating statistics, including the fact that captains, followed by chief engineers are the driving influencers in the selection of a refit facility.

We have also produced a directory of refit shipyards and service providers spanning the globe. Representing a worldwide ‘network’ of superior-quality refit-service providers, there are a number of profiles that comprise all the information required by operators, managers and client representatives planning refits over the next 12 months.

Last, but certainly not least, I had the pleasure of delving into the world of ‘innovation’ in the design section, examining what that word truly means today in superyacht design. Innovation means very different things to each of us, especially when it comes to the design of a superyacht. Whether it is in the processes of creating something fresh, new technologies or the final design itself, it seems innovation is not just a singular element of a design but much more about an accumulation of ideas that have amassed into a tangible change for the better. However, its continues use seems to have slightly diluted its meaning. In this feature, Philippe Briand, Ben Harrison of Harrison Eidsgaard and David Lewis of Laurent Giles, share their thoughts on what it means to them.

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