For superyacht owners, extending the human reach beneath the waves is the role of intelligent underwater robotic vehicles.
The world’s top seller is the Saab Seaeye Falcon that can swim down to 1000m.
Owners can view the underwater world live on stateroom screens, from HD video images transmitted by the roaming Falcon. 
It can also inspect the yacht’s hull millimetre by millimetre for security and maintenance.
A wide range of tools and cameras can be fitted to this underwater workhorse.
These can include a gripper for recovering items from the seabed, rope cutters to sever 15mm rope and 12mm steel wire rope, a powerful manipulator for hefty handling, and cleaning systems for keeping critical fittings clear.
Diver safety is a key benefit
Acting as a dive buddy, the Falcon can improve diver safety by surveying points of interest before a dive, then keeping watch during a dive. It can also transport items back and forth during a dive – saving dive time.
Made by the world’s largest manufacturer of electric underwater robotic vehicles, the Falcon is proven in defence and marine science operations worldwide, along with work in the offshore energy market.  
The Falcon’s 20-year success comes from its easy-to-handle compact metre-size that is easy to use, highly manoeuvrable, powerful and multi-tasking.
Its trusted record of reliability covers thousands of hours of undersea operations globally, working in the most challenging environments, with the ability to master turbulent waters and strong currents whilst remaining stable during filming and undertaking delicate tasks.
Enhanced with Saab Seaeye’s revolutionary iCON™ intelligent control system, the Falcon is a future-flexible package that can adopt evolving technologies.

The Falcon is the world’s top selling robotic vehicle in its class.

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